Let a robot handle all of your routine tasks

Offer consultations
Offer consultations
Collect and send data
Collect and send data
Accept payments
Accept payments
Create documents
Auto-populate documents
Arrange meetings
Arrange meetings
Assist Clients Anytime
Whether you want to help customers select a wine for the evening based on what they’re serving or guide your employees through the process of selecting a hotel for an upcoming retreat, Bot.one’s got you covered.
Collect customer feedback and track NPS® trends to improve your business
Product teams can use Bot.one to collect client feedback and conduct surveys.
Automate client intake and stop answering routine questions
Our chatbots can handle intake for thousands of new clients, collect important data, automatically create documents, and even create cases in case management and CRM systems.
Guide new hires to success and answer thousands of employee questions
HR departments can use Bot.one to onboard new employees, answer questions about paid time off, schedule a potential new hire, and auto-populate HR documents.
Relieve your team from lead qualification
Sales and marketing departments can use Bot.one for leads generation, to process incoming requests, for pre-qualification, to arrange meetings and to create deals in HubSpot.

Build Your Own Personal Assistant

You spend a lot of time and energy delivering personalized advice to your clients. Now, Bot.one can become your deputy assistant, too.
Improve sales
A Form.One bot can answer questions, solve problems, talk about promotions and help visitors make a purchase. You’ll increase the number of orders and the average purchase.
Orders, anytime
Customers no longer have to wait to get an answer or place an order. Online chat is the best way to save an order or quickly respond in cases where delays can be costly.
Keep customers happy
Build relationships with fast customer support. When visitors see an automatic invitation with the question: "Can I help you with something?", they’ll soon become a happy buyer rather than a browser.

Building a chatbot has never been easier

With the help of Bot.one, you can easily develop a custom script for any client dialogue — without knowing a stitch of code.
Easy to create
With our user-friendly interface, you figure out what questions to ask and we handle the rest. With Bot.one, you can automate rote tasks in 15 minutes.
Easy to embed
To run Bot.one on your website, just add a few lines to the HTML code of the web page. Bots are also easily integrated with messengers and have their own interface.
Easy to manage
Get incredible insights on your customers and their user behavior. If a user has a problem that requires your help, the chatbot notifies you immediately.

A custom built bot that speaks the language of your company

California’s new bot law forces companies to disclose to customers when they’re interacting with a machine.
Once you fine tune conversations to reflect your brand, you’ll be proud to do so — and excited for how it will change your work.
Let robots do all of the dirty work. It’s time to automate each and every standard task.
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Thrive and grow faster with Bot.one

Bot.one will help you increase your business efficiency and save resources.
Earn money faster
Build a bot that will serve exponentially more daily customers. Chatbots can advise several clients at once — and never need a day off.
Spend less money
Our bots can complete specialized tasks while your employees focus on truly meaningful work.

Work seamlessly with your favorite services

Сonnect bots to external services in a heartbeat with Webhooks.
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Work Smarter, Not Harder. A new way to interact with your business.
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